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Go beyond your regular chiropractic treatment with Gonstead Chiropractic Peoria. Our treatment involves identifying what is causing the patient's nerve pressure and provide necessary adjustment therapy.

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What Technique is applied in Gonstead Chiropractic?

Gonstead Chiropractic Peoria IL

Gonstead chiropractic treatment was introduced by a renowned chiropractor Clarence Selmer Gonstead who later established a huge chiropractic facility in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The technique involves understanding the intervertebral discs and the structural foundation of the body. Gonstead chiropractic improves the back and spinal column's balance and stability, which are essentials in the proper alignment of vertebrae, pelvis, and legs. One factor in having body pains, stress, fatigue, and other related discomforts is the misalignment of the joints and spine. Here are the different body issues that Gonstead chiropractic can treat.

Nerve dysfunctions

Intervertebral misalignment

Motion Restrictions

Stability and balance problems

What are the Processes Involves in Gonstead Chiropractic Care?

For the chiropractor to provide the necessary treatment, a thorough assessment of the patient's problem is conducted with the following criteria.

1. Visualization

The chiropractor asks the patient to do some activities to observe the patient's posture and movements. The chiropractor has to observe for some irregularities.

2. Instrumentation

Chiropractic equipment is used to help in detecting possible nerve pressures and muscle tensions. The detection process goes from the spinal column going down to the patient's lower back. Once an accumulated heat is detected in the area, inflammation and nerve pressure are possibly present.

3. Static Palpation

To precisely identify the location of the inflammation or any neuro-related issues, the chiropractor has to use both static and motion palpation. Any abnormal changes in the patient's temperature, texture, or tightness in the muscles, will give the chiropractor an idea about the procedures that need to be undertaken.

4. Xray-Analysis

The patient will be asked to undergo an x-ray process to check and analyze the patient's spinal structure, which also includes knowing the exact number of the vertebrae, visual representation of the posture, weight, and other possible misalignments.

Is Neck Adjustment Safe for Me?

Neck adjustment or cervical manipulation is a process where seven of the patient's upper vertebrae are manipulated to enhance the spine's range of motion and flexibility. The manipulation process starts from the patient's upper neck area going down to C1 to C7 of the spine. However, this method is quite a delicate process due to the possible risks it poses. The neck and the spine are very fragile and sensitive body parts. One wrong move with the manipulation can lead to spinal disc herniation, vertebral artery dissection, or stroke.

However, for anyone working in the medical field, the foremost concern is to ensure the safety of the procedure and the patient. We can assure that our chiropractors have the necessary skills, credentials, qualities, experiences, and sensitivity to our patients' condition and welfare. We have to continually make sure that all the processes have to be within the liking of our patients.

Our neck adjustment process in Gonstead Chiropractic Peoria also includes follow up treatments such as range of motion rehabilitation, massage, flexibility exercises, and other rehabilitation related works.

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor?

Follow these suggested guidelines when choosing the right chiropractor for you.

  • Ask for referrals from trusted people.

  • Check if the recommended chiropractor is under your insurance plan.

  • You can visit the licensing board website for chiropractors on the internet to follow up on their credibility.

Also, a good chiropractor has to maintain the following rules.

  • Treat body issues concerning the muscles, joints, and bones only.

  • No medical prescriptions are given.

  • Do not require the patient for regular chiropractic treatment.

  • All actions and processes should be under the strict regulation of chiropractic.

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